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New Office Setup

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Assess what you need

We understand that setting up a new office can be a costly operation. By analysing your business requirements, we recommend only the essential equipment to keep costs low. With years of experience, we can provide professional advice to ensure common mistakes are not overlooked that might end up costing a lot more in future.




Plan & Synchronise

PCSOS will conduct all necessary research, procurement, logistical liaisons and delivery scheduling so that the new office infrastructure can be setup and installed as smoothly & quickly as possible.




Setup & Execute

Upon commencement of the Office setup, we will carefully setup, test and commission all your IT equipment and data points.


Maintain & Support


Maintain and Support

As a standard part of our methodology, all assets will be tagged, tracked & documentated. A full topology of your office will be constructed for future posterity and handed over to you. Should there be any follow-up changes required, you can rely on us assist after the initial setup. If you need long-term on-going support, we offer comprehensive managed service packages to meet any requirements that you may have.



  • Instant accountability and greater efficiency

    • Given that PC SOS supplies a one stop solution for getting your office up and running, there are no more coordination problems looking for various vendors to perform compartmentalized roles.
    • PC SOS improves time savings by eliminating the need for you to wait for one vendor waiting for another vendor to turn up to do their job.
  • Cost savings

    • Economies of scale brought about by buying from one dedicated vendor ensure that you get the best bang for your buck
  • PC SOS Future Foresight

    • All our office setup packages are designed for future scalability and expansion.
  • Personalized, Hassle free Service

    • We will assign a dedicated project manager to oversee your new office setup so at any time you can get an answer on how your office setup is progressing with one phone call
    • The same project manager will be responsible for the design, execution, implementation, monitoring and completion of the project. This ensures complete familiarization of the project from commencement to completion
    • We take the pain out of project management so you can focus on other more important aspects of your business
  • Error and Risk minimization

    • Centralized project coordination means no communication breakdowns between various vendors.
    • Our experienced project managers have undertaken many similar projects and have already learnt to avoid various common pitfalls undertaken while managing new office migrations.
  • Service and Equipment Guarantee

    • PC SOS offers guarantees on all our services and hardware provided.
  • Business Continuity and Discounts on Maintenance Packages

    • Satisfied with our services? PC SOS offers discounted maintenance packages to all our new office migration customers.