PCSOS Remote Management Service Technology

PCSOS uses proprietary managed service provider platform technology to extend our remote management, backup, mail security and service desk capabilities onto one integrated platform.

A quick overview of this platform includes:

Main Function Capabilities
Remote Management App Control
Asset & Inventory Tracking
Automated Monitoring
Automated infrastructure-wide maintenance
Mobile Device Management
Patch Management
Remote Access
Service Desk Integrated Service Desk
Backup Continuous Recovery
Data Archiving
File Versioning
Virtual Disaster Recovery
Mail Security Mail Protection
Mail Archive

What does this mean for my company?

What this simply means is PCSOS can use this extremely powerful platform to serve you better in the following ways:

Application Control

PCSOS can manage licenses & users in 3rd party apps such as Office 365 and Google Apps services.

Management of multiple cloud accounts
Administer users accounts – Add, Change, Create, Delete
Future proofing through trending and historical analysis – so you get to see when additional licenses and storage is needed

Asset & Inventory Tracking

PCSOS can track your IT assets and inventory in detail, this ensure easier licensing tracking and compliance.  We can generate comprehensive reports for your perusal at anytime and keep an eye out for expiring software licenses or unlicensed software installs. We can also keep an eye on venerable hardware that is need of replacement and refreshment.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities
License compliance tracking
Monitoring for any unauthorized software installs
Detailed hardware and software information on your IT assets

Automated monitoring capabilities

PCSOS gets a bird’s eye view of your networks with Real-time Alerts

PCSOS gets a snapshot view of entire network in one singular view. Having a big picture view allows us to manage your entire infrastructure more effectively. This means we know about problems before you do, allowing us to fix them proactively so that you can concentrate on business as usual.

Our monitoring capabilities extend over various operating systems and devices including Windows, OSX, & Linux.
In addition to devices, we can also monitor Network health, Virtual Machines, Websites and other critical infrastructure functions.
Real-time inbuilt alerting function to any issues

Automated infrastructure-wide maintenance

PCSOS has the ability to automate routine Admin & maintenance tasks through your entire IT infrastructure.  The result is a better functioning network and IT infrastructure for you.

Execute and track custom maintenance tasks
Antivirus definition updates or patching
Cleaning up Temporary files and cluster
Custom scripts that perform actions as required by you.

Mobile Device Management

PCSOS managed services does not just extend to traditional platforms such as servers or workstations. With the rise in mobile devices and their importance to business, PCSOS can now perform a sleuth of service functions on mobiles including protecting mobiles from device loss & theft.

Protects against device loss and theft through pin controls
Tracking of mobile devices
Remote Device lockdown, wipe and reset in case of loss
Our software works across a range of mobile devices – iOS and Android
Allows for remote configuration of email and wifi access

Patch management

PCSOS’s proactive response to software updating and patch deployment means that you no longer need to worry about whether your software is updated or maintained. Our proprietary patch management platform scans customer networks automatically or on demand – and gives PCSOS all the functionality and tools we need to effectively install and manage patches across all devices across different operating systems and products.

Automatically apply patches for software
Deployment of third party software or patches – Automatically or on-demand
Vulnerability scanning and security capabilities to ensure greater security against hacker attacks.
Updates Major Browsers

Remote access

Quick response via remote access

With your permission, we can quick and easily access your servers or workstations remotely from our dashboard. PCSOS can quickly sort out most of your problems pretty much straight away without interrupting your work – with your permission of course.

 Highly secure connection which allows us to see your desktop just as though we’re there.
 Fast support with low turnaround times.
 Attended or unattended – allowing us to work out of hours so as not to disturb your daily operations

Reporting – made easy

Ever wanted a report to show your devices, users, infrastructure or antivirus protection status? Our platform allows us to generate comprehensive reports for your perusal upon request. Such reports can be tailored and can be generated daily, weekly or monthly and can be further customised to your needs.

Device inventory reports
Antivirus protection reports
Backup integrity checks
Hardware and software reports
User audit reports

The bottom line: We spot problems early & fix them. Simple

Yes. It really is that easy. Whether it’s Windows, Linux or OS X, the remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities built into our platform allow IT guys like us to stay ahead of the game. From remote servers and workstations, SNMP and VM monitoring, we’ve got it covered with easy deployment of software, patches and everything else we need to make sure your systems are running at peak performance